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How to Hide Cords on the Kitchen Counter [8 Inexpensive Tips]

July 13, 2023

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One common question from homeowners is how to hide cords on the kitchen counter. One reason is that cords create a messy, cluttered look in the space. Two, they’re also dangerous, getting in the way of your small appliances and other tools.

To hide cords on the kitchen counter:

  1. Use cord management sleeves.
  2. Use command hooks on appliances.
  3. Wrap cords with Velcro.
  4. Install cord covers.
  5. Use cord raceways.
  6. Use cable clips under counter edges.
  7. Create an appliance garage.
  8. Relocate outlets.

If you have a messy kitchen countertop, keep reading! Exploring these 8 methods for hiding cords can ensure a stunning space in no time. Also, when relocating outlets, you might realize it’s time for more extensive kitchen renovation. Consulting with a kitchen renovation company can then mean a beautiful, functional space you love.

how to hide cords on the kitchen counter

How to Hide Cords on the Kitchen Counter

Let’s look at these 8 ways to hide cords on the kitchen counter in more detail. Also, remember to keep safety in mind when considering any of these methods. Never put cords where they might get wet or cut! Above all, have an electrician manage any work around your kitchen’s outlets.

Use cord management sleeves.

Cord management sleeves offer an excellent solution for cluttered kitchen countertops. You simply slide cords into these long rubber or plastic pieces and then tuck them along the back of the countertop.

One advantage of these sleeves is that they bend and twist easily. In turn, you can wrap them around an appliance or countertop corners. This makes them a versatile option for any kitchen.

Use command hooks on appliances.

Command hooks are an excellent tool for so many uses around your home! This includes kitchen cord management. Simply apply a sturdy hook to the back of a small kitchen appliance. Then, you can wrap the cord around it when not in use.

Also, you might find it easy to put a few Command hooks around outlets or along back walls. You can then wrap your cords around those and keep them accessible but out of the way. Additionally, using Command hooks allows you to remove and reposition them as needed.

Wrap cords with Velcro.

Velcro wraps are an excellent solution for cord management. These allow you to bundle those cords and then unwrap them easily. You can even find double-sided Velcro strips at discount stores where you simply cut them to your needed size.

Install cord covers.

You might see cord covers attached to walls near flat screen TVs and other appliances. A contractor runs the cord down the wall as needed and then installs the cover over it. This cover then keeps the cord in place but hidden effectively.

If you’re handy with tools, you can do the same in the kitchen! Run the cords along the back wall as needed. Next, attach the cord covers over them. Ensure you allow room around the plug and appliance itself. These covers provide a clean look in the space, keeping cords hidden almost completely.

Use cord raceways.

Cord raceways are similar to covers but don’t attach to a wall permanently. Instead, these raceways sit over the cords, keeping them hidden and in place. You might even use larger raceways on the floor, covering cords in the way of furniture and foot traffic!

Smaller raceways are excellent for kitchen countertops. One, they keep cords in place even when you’re using the appliance. Two, they still allow you to access the cord completely. Also, they protect cords against moisture, dirt, and more.

Use cable clips under counter edges.

Cable clips, like Command hooks, attach to flat surfaces and then clip cords into place. You can then use these under counter edges. They’ll hold the cables in place while keeping them off the counter and out of the way. Also, like Command hooks, you can typically remove and reposition them as needed.

Create an appliance garage.

An appliance garage consists of several shelves behind a rolling door, designed to hold small appliances. Some might also be a cabinet built along the countertop itself.

A contractor can usually create an appliance garage with plugs along its back wall. In turn, you can remove the appliance from its shelf but keep it plugged into that back outlet. The cord then stays on the shelf or behind the cabinet door and off the counter completely.

Relocate outlets.

Relocating outlets is an excellent choice for hiding cords! Moving outlets to the best spot for appliances or installing new ones means fewer cords stretched around the countertops. In many cases, you can do this along with other solutions for maximum organization in the space.

For instance, you might add Command hooks to the backs of appliances and then “park” them near those new outlets. In turn, you might only need to unwrap them a slight bit when needed. You can also install outlets near the sides of your counters. Then, let the cords drape over those sides so they’re out of sight.

Above all, ensure safety when considering how to manage outlets in the kitchen. Have an electrician manage this task, to avoid damage and the risk of electrical fires. Also, he or she ensures your kitchen is up to local building codes. This includes an outlet’s location, if it’s grounded properly, and the like.

how to hide cords on the kitchen counter

How Can I Hide My Electronics In My Kitchen?

Consider some quick tips for hiding electronics and appliances in your kitchen:

  • Create an appliance garage, or covered shelves designed for small appliances. This keeps them close at hand but out of sight.
  • Hide phones and tablets in a shallow drawer designed for these electronics. These drawers often feature outlets along the back wall. In turn, you can charge them up while keeping them out of sight!
  • Consider decorative accessories like baskets, bins, and even breadboxes! You can drill a hole into the back of these and thread a cord through that if needed.
  • Small screens, like miniature room dividers, also block those unsightly appliances. You can then simply fold up the screen and set it aside when it’s time to cook!

Lastly, note if you might invest in appliances that do double-duty so you can get rid of some items altogether! For instance, you might check out a combination rotisserie and convection oven, or a toaster oven the replaces your standard toaster. Paring down your appliances means having far fewer to hide overall!

How Do You Hide a Lamp Cord on a Countertop?

Cord covers and raceways are excellent for lamp cords. Also, use a Command hook along its back, to wrap up the cord as much as possible. You might also add some decorative items around the lamp to hide the cord. Try plants, trays, books, or candles where it’s safe.

A Word From Our Team

Greater Boston Kitchen Remodeling is happy to explain how to hide cords on the kitchen counter. Hopefully we’ve given you some great tips to consider. Also, call our Boston kitchen remodeling contractors when you’re ready for expert services. We offer outstanding services including full-scale renovations or simple updates. For more information or your FREE price quote, contact us today.


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