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Kitchen Remodel: Secret Guide to Contractors and Design Layout

October 29, 2019

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For the perfect kitchen remodel, you should choose one of the best kitchen remodeling contractors in your area. This secret guide to contractors and design layout will help you find the best kitchen contractors and also give you some idea of what you may like to do to your kitchen and other rooms in your home. 

Once you find a contractor that understands your vision and desired timeframe and they think your idea is possible to create, you can work with them to choose a remodel design that will make both you and your wallet happy. With the contractor, you will also discuss an estimated construction time and budget requirements. 

The amount of time it takes to finish a complete kitchen remodel depends on the existing condition of your kitchen and the type of materials and construction techniques your contractor will use. 

Even if you do not fully understand how different renovation methods increase the amount of time and money needed for a job, you should be able to trust that the contractor you hire will use their skills and knowledge to make your vision a reality. Some kitchen renovations are tricky because of the area’s existing framework, and they tend to require quite a deal more work than lesser-aged kitchens needing minimal changes. 

You can expect the construction time of kitchen renovations to take approximately 6 to 8 weeks. If you are not tearing out cabinets and pulling up flooring, it will go even quicker. Kitchen remodeling and design are especially important if you plan to put your house up on the market soon. Realtors often encourage you to complete a renovation so that you can reappraise your home for a potentially higher value. 

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Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

The job of a kitchen remodeling contractor is to do the dirty work for you. They find sources for materials and create a design for a complete kitchen renovation; it is not your job to be an expert on kitchen remodel!

When you narrow down a few possible options for contractors, contact each of them and ask as many questions as you can, for example:

  • Do you have a contracting license?
  • Will you obtain the appropriate permits and complete necessary inspections prior to the renovation?
  • What is the average completion time for jobs such as this?
  • What steps will you take to protect my property?

These are the most important questions to ask a kitchen remodeling contractor but remember that you can ask additional questions too, if needed. Even if, in your mind, a question or concern seems obvious or insignificant, ask anyway as you want to have complete reassurance that he or she is the best contractor for the job. A reliable contractor will do everything in their power to answer your questions and offer whatever reassurances are needed throughout the process. 

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Kitchen?

The cost of your kitchen remodel can vary quite a lot since there are many factors that contribute to the total price. Factors that determine the cost of kitchen remodel include:

  • Cost of labor set by the contractor
  • Square footage of the space being renovated (major renovations to a huge kitchen will typically cost more than a small one)
  • Significant changes to ceilings and floors (if a large section of tile needs removal, for example, that will take extra time which then increases your cost for labor)
  • Cabinet removal, if needed
  • Kitchen appliances (new kitchen appliances, especially top-of-the-line name brand models, will increase your kitchen renovation cost accordingly)
  • Pre-existing problems with plumbing or electrical
  • Price of dining table and bar stools
  • Light fixtures
  • Type of stone used for countertops
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Where to Find Kitchen Remodeling Companies

Kitchen remodeling companies are not hard to find if you know where to look! Most quality contractors operate local businesses as opposed to large corporate companies. Local contractors have great insight into materials that are popular and durable, considering the local climate.

Remodeling Ideas

There are a number of options available today for the design, color scheme, and layout of your kitchen design plan. Typically, however, kitchen remodeling contractors do not make the design choices for you. While you can hire a designer for creating a new kitchen layout, it is cheaper to use your creativity and vision to make a truly unique kitchen.

If you do not know what kitchen design theme to follow, stick with a European style of kitchen. This style is simple and refined and tends to come from styles inspired by the midcentury modern design that originated in the Nordic countries. Expect to see hard lines and angles, but with soft color.

Most European Style kitchens have a white floor with either white or brown cabinets; usually, this style also includes simple decoration and nothing extremely drastic in color or shape. It is a very safe style to go with, and great for a family home since any décor will match and surfaces are easy to clean. 

European is also the style you want to use if you are going to sell your house. New buyers need to easily envision their belongings and decorations in the room so this simple design will create a clean slate that appeals to a maximum number of buyers.

Bathroom Remodel Designs

Bathrooms are sometimes harder to remodel than kitchens as permanent items like the toilet and bathtub can conflict with design ideas. You can usually relocate a bathroom sink slightly, but even that change means additional cost to you. However, a new bathroom can look amazing if you find the right contractor and design scheme! 

Soft colors like white, grey, blue, and even light green can create the type of environment you want in a bathroom. Avoid overly dark or bold colors for a bathroom scheme as you want to create a fresh, spa-like environment from bathroom colors and its layout. Stick with light and soft colors for best results.

While it’s good to be creative when it comes to bathroom remodel designs, consider some classic choices you’re sure to love:

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Idea #1 – Black, Grey & White

For this design, you want to have white flooring and white walls. For a more interesting look, use white paneling or a grey tile backwash behind the sink and mirror. Select black or dark wood shelving and a black-framed mirror. 

Use a black, grey, and white theme for all decorations and accents you buy, such as the toothbrush holder, towel rack, and other decor. If you want to add a little color, buy a colorful soap bottle or colored hand towels, but to stick with the black, grey, and white theme, you will need to keep things simple. 

Idea #2 – Metallic

Metallic tile is amazing and creates a whole new dimension in your bathroom design. This tile is available in virtually all colors and allows you to make the bathroom look more expensive even on a budget.

You can go extravagant or simple with metallic designs. Try placing metallic tile behind the bathroom mirror and paint the mirror frame gold or a similar metallic color that makes it stand out while still creating a cohesive look. 

Idea #3 – Neutral

A neutral theme consists of colors such as browns, tan, grey, white, off-white, and silver. This design theme doesn’t simply include all-wood; use wooden cabinets under the sink but the rest of the space should be smooth or a rustic metal to balance out the natural wood tone. Stay consistent with the metal fixtures and faucet, otherwise the design elements will start to blend and create a brassy look, which is certainly not what you want for a remodel!

Kitchen Remodeling Should Not be Stressful

One vital reason for using kitchen remodeling contractors rather than trying to DIY a renovation is to eliminate the stress of renovating. Although remodeling a kitchen or another area of your home often seems easy enough, many problems can occur during construction. Even experienced contractors might take longer than an estimated completion date when they face plumbing and electrical issues. 

When you are looking for a contractor, remember the questions above; they will help you find a legitimate company. Note, too, that the BBB (Better Business Bureau) recommends you pay a contractor or laborer in payments rather than in a lump sum upfront, to ensure the job gets done. 

Whatever else you decide, get creative with your kitchen remodel! Whether you are planning a new kitchen to raise your property values and make your home more desirable to buyers, or you are simply tired of the way your kitchen looks, try to enjoy the process and look forward to its results. Hopefully this remodeling guide has helped you decide on the look you want and contractor you hire, so you end up with a kitchen design you love for years to come!

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