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So Much to See and Do in Newton Massachusetts

January 17, 2020

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Newton, Massachusetts, is considered by many to be an all-American town, offering residents a quiet community to raise a family, retire, or enjoy the single life! There is always something to see and do when in and around Newton, whether you’re visiting on business or have settled into the area and are starting a family of your own. Check out some of those amazing things to see and do in Newton Massachusetts, even as early as this weekend!

Hammond Pond Reservation

More than just a small pond, the Hammond Pond Reservation offers lots of space for fishing along this beautiful waterway. There are also hiking trails, areas for picnicking, and even some formations perfect for rock climbing! The natural, lush area offers plenty of scenery for relaxing or taking pictures so be sure to pack a lunch and make a day of it, as there’s always something for every outdoor enthusiast at Hammond Pond Reservation.

Echo Bridge

You might not think a simple bridge would be much of an attraction but Echo Bridge in Newton Massachusetts is close to 150 years old, built between 1875 and 1877. This historic bit of architecture spans the Charles River and much of its original construction is intact, allowing for a great look at history up close! The bridge is also an excellent spot for photographs as well as hiking in and around the area.

Crystal Lake

For a full day of swimming, fishing, or kayaking, visit the beautiful Crystal Lake in Newton. This 33-acre lake offers lots of space for whatever you enjoy on the water, as well as two small parks and a nearby bath house. Whether it’s time in the water or by the water’s edge you love, Crystal Lake offers something for everyone in the family.

Hemlock Gorge

For an outdoor space that is very rural and natural, visit Hemlock Gorge in Newton Massachusetts. This gorge and its surrounding areas offer lots of natural hiking trails including steep areas that offer quite a workout! While only 16 acres large, you can spend an entire day in and around the gorge, taking in the lush scenery and countryside.

The Jackson Homestead and Museum

For those who love history and prefer something to do indoors, check out The Jackson Homestead and Museum. Housed in a pre-Civil War building, this museum offers lots of displays related to American history and especially that of the northeast region of the U.S. You can also enjoy a look back at historic architecture in this original home as you tour the sights.

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