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How Our Process for Kitchen Remodeling in Boston Is Different, and Why It Works!

When you call Greater Boston Kitchen Remodeling, don’t expect the same high-pressure sales tactics and upfront charges that you might expect with other local kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation contractors. Our process is a little different than what is standard with other Boston remodeling contractors, which is why it works so well for our customers!


Step One: The Meet and Greet

The first step we take when it comes to any bathroom or kitchen remodel in Boston is to meet with you in your own home, to better understand the type of renovation work you need done. We listen carefully as you describe what you want changed about your home’s current bathroom or kitchen, and ask general questions about the surface materials, cabinet styles, and function that you’ll want from your new kitchen or bath. This also gives us a chance to ensure that your renovation project is one that fits our qualifications and skills!

During this meeting, you will actually get a rough estimate of the cost involved, even before you choose your new materials. Our skilled technicians have had years of experience in pricing various cabinets, countertops, and flooring, and know the amount of time it takes to handle just about any renovation job, so we don’t need to keep you waiting for weeks while we add up the cost of materials and labor. This estimate won’t be your final quote, but you can rest assured that it will be quite accurate, so you can then consider if you want to move forward with your project.


Step Two: Deciding on a Design

After giving you a rough estimate of pricing, our next step is to meet with you again, this time with a designer and the Boston remodeling contractor or foreperson who would be overseeing your project. The kitchen designer will work with you to create a full picture of your expectations for the finished kitchen or bathroom, including how you want your new space to look and function.

The foreperson will also take measurements and examine the space for a better understanding of the actual construction work that needs to be done. Armed with all this information, you’re now ready for the next step in the process!
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Step Three: The Showroom

Unlike other bathroom and kitchen contractors who often hustle their prospective clients through a showroom for their first meeting, we wait until you’ve met with our designer before giving you a tour of our materials and portfolio. This allows us to narrow down your choices, so you’re not overwhelmed with too many designs and don’t waste time looking at materials and colors that don’t fit your vision for a new kitchen or bath.

Your showroom visit also allows us to then come up with the exact price for the materials we’ll be using for your bathroom or kitchen remodel project, as well as the timeframe it will take to have cabinets made and countertops cut. You can then be presented with a final, exact price quote for the job.



Once plans and designs for your home are finalized and materials are chosen, we arrange another meeting to present you with all the paperwork needed to move forward, as well as our on-time finish guarantee. During this meeting, we ensure you know everything involved with the upcoming project and what to expect while work is being done. We also ensure you have all the help needed to clear your space out entirely and set up a temporary area for cooking and food prep while your Boston home renovation work is being performed, if necessary.
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How Our Process Is Different

If you’ve never hired a Boston remodeling contractor before, you may not realize how our process is different, and what sets us apart from the competition. One important difference is that we don’t take on every remodeling job that comes our way! We specialize in creating breathtaking remodels, and only offer custom cabinetry and countertops that set our work apart from the rest.


At Greater Boston Kitchen Remodeling, we take a different approach. We believe that a kitchen remodel should start with a conversation, not a sales pitch. That's why we don't rush you into our showroom the minute you get in touch with us. We understand that walking through a showroom can be overwhelming and sometimes, it can feel like a high-pressure sales tactic. 

We prefer to begin with understanding your vision, needs, and expectations. Our first step is always to listen. We want to know what you love about your current kitchen, what you don't, and what you're hoping to achieve with a remodel. We believe that by having an in-depth discussion about your lifestyle, preferences, and budget, we can tailor a kitchen design that truly fits your life.

Once we have a clear understanding of your dream kitchen, we'll invite you to our showroom. There, you'll be able to explore options that have been thoughtfully selected based on our conversations with you. This personalized approach ensures that when you do visit our showroom, you'll be looking at choices that make sense for you, not just what's trendy or available.

We're committed to making the remodeling process as comfortable and pressure-free as possible. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we believe that starts with respect for your pace, your budget, and your needs.


Don’t expect high pressure tactics from us once we give you a quote either! Our prices are good for a full year, so you can take all the time you need to ensure you’re ready for your professional kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation project, and can afford all the beautiful changes you want in your home.


Throughout the renovation project, we also make sure that you’re informed of everything being done as it’s accomplished. We’ll send you a quick note when your custom cabinets are made and when the paint or stain is applied, and when the stone for your new countertops has been cut and polished. You can then rest assured that the work is still moving forward as scheduled.


The most significant way that Greater Boston Kitchen Remodeling is different than other Boston home contractors is that we don’t ask for 100%, or even 50%, of your monies up front. You give us only a 25% deposit when the contract is signed, and another 25% when your new cabinets arrive. You keep the remaining 50% until the job is done.


Throughout our entire process, your satisfaction is our #1 priority and we ensure you know what to expect with each and every step. We may not be the right renovation company for everyone, but our commitment to our customers is unwavering, and we promise a stunning home renovation for each and every customer we service.


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