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Every homeowner planning kitchen remodeling in a Dedham home deserves to work with the highest-rated home renovation company in the Boston area, to ensure stunning results that offer both storage and style. The best kitchen contractors will ensure that their planned remodel suits your needs in particular and that your new space is as beautiful as the rest of your home!

Not all kitchen remodeling companies in Dedham are alike, as some contractors build their business by finishing projects as quickly as possible, cutting as many corners as they can in the process! Some contractors also use cheap, poor-quality materials just so that they can quote a low price to their customers. At Greater Boston Kitchen Remodeling, however, we know that an exquisite, quality kitchen remodeling and design plan can’t be achieved by rushing through a job and using low-end materials.
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Thank you to everyone for doing such a great job with our remodel. You came in on budget and on time just like you guaranteed that you would. We love the finished product and we will highly recommend this company to anyone looking for an awesome contractor.

- Bill White

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The Best Dedham Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Far too many kitchen remodeling Dedham companies demand full payment up front before they begin work. Other companies might insist on a very steep down payment, and may not guarantee their price or completion date. In turn, those contractors might not deliver on their promises or complete your Dedham home renovation project at all!

At Greater Boston Kitchen Remodeling, we set ourselves apart from other local kitchen remodeling companies by asking only 25% down when you sign a contract. Another 25% is collected when cabinets arrive, while you keep the remaining 50% of our price until project completion! Our contracts also come with a locked-in price guarantee and completion date, so you never need to worry about us going over budget or over schedule with your custom kitchen renovation.
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About Greater Boston Kitchen Remodeling in Dedham

When you invest in a professional kitchen remodel, you should be happy with the results for years to come. Low-quality materials might be cheap to install, but are likely to need replacement before too long. A simple update of some materials might also fail to provide the storage and space you need in a kitchen. A custom kitchen renovation should then include high-quality materials and a design that works for your needs in particular.

To ensure you’re happy with the results of home kitchen remodeling in Dedham, we offer each client a one-year price lock guarantee. You can then ensure that nothing is overlooked. Hike the trails of the Blue Hills Reservation while pondering all the details of our design, or sneak a peek at the kitchen of your favorite restaurant near Mother Brook and ensure you’ve chosen the right features for your new kitchen design in Dedham, so you know you’ll love the results.
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Exquisite Bathroom Remodeling in Dedham, MA

If the kitchen needs remodeling in a Dedham MA home, chances are it’s time to change up the look and layout of the bathroom as well! Updating the bath allows you to add storage as well as high-end fixtures, such as a steam shower with multiple showerheads, or a classic, standalone claw foot tub. Expanding the footprint of the bath also allows for a new makeup area or extra large vanities.

Matching the bath to your new kitchen design in Dedham will also improve the overall look of your entire house. Our home contractors can then ensure that custom touches, such as handmade cabinetry or hand-selected stone counters, fully coordinate in both spaces.

Why Choose Greater Boston Kitchen Remodeling

You Hold The Money

At Greater Boston Kitchen Remodeling, we collect just a 25% down payment at contract signing, and then another 25% once your cabinets arrive. You keep a full 50% of your money until project completion, so you know your project will be completed on time and that it will be as beautiful as promised!

Lifetime Warranty

For as long as you own your home, our company offers a lifetime warrantee in our "Fix it or it's Free" Guarantee.  As a 3rd generation company, you can expect us to be around should a problem ever arise. No flimsy two year warrantees here, we guarantee our contractors work for as long as your own your home!

No High Pressure Sales

No high pressure sales tactics or must buy now tactics here.  We despise these methods and will never push you into doing something as large as a kitchen remodeling project. In fact, our estimates are good for a full year! So let's discuss your needs and we are here for you WHEN you are ready to move forward.


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